Transport Management System

Our Transport Management System is a software solution  developed to enable transport companies streamline their ticketing, parcel handling and management.  Register fleet, generate and print out tickets or electronically via SMS, chekout taken and vacant seats, manage parcel services, manage the expenditures, track payments, check income and expenses .

Check on daily, monthly and annual collections, income, expenses and the net profit gained. Dispatch parcels, track parcel status, check incoming parcels, received parcels, picked parcels, lost parcels and sent parcels. Customers also gets an SMS notification upon parcel dispatch and arrival.

System Benefits

  • Ensure a smooth running of your business processes/activities.
  • Easy bookings and ticketing of passengers
  • Easy tracking of your income and expenses
  • Reduce total workload and improve customer satisfaction
  • No loss of records or need of extra hardware as the system is hosted in cloud
  • Locate and track a parcel with ease in just a click of button
  • Easy tracking of your business progress for better decisions making.
  • Create a tech savvy image for your company by automating services.
  • Works on any device; smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer