School Management System

Honsoft Integrated School Management System (ISMS) is a system developed specifically for schools and learning institutions. The system can enable you manage and easily track student’s records from student admission to student graduation/exiting.  It’s a one stop software solution that integrates in all major departments in school i.e admission, accounts, transport, library, store, accommodation, laboratory/medical and more into a one platform. This software will help you in managing all day to day school activities, it will help eliminate too much paper work and enhance efficiency and communication.

Easily send SMS reminders to parents on fee balances, parents meetings, school events, holiday messages and any official communication to parents via the Bulk SMS platform. All transactions will be automated by a click of button hence a great reduction of workload on manual activities like fee balances computations and updates, arrears notifications, statements and records tracking. The ERP System will be a paperless School Management solution ranging from Admission to Schooling completion.

Benefits of the System

  • Reduced workload on administration staff
  • Complete automation of all student records
  • Centrally stored records with a zero redunduncy
  • Timely fee collection
  • Cost-effective one point solution
  • Easy digital tracking of data and payment process
  • Better collaboration between students, teachers and parents
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Ensures smooth running of school
  • Create a tech savvy image for your school