Property Management System (HPMS)

HPMS is a Property Management ERP System developed specifically for property managers/agents and landlords to enable easy management of properties, rental collections, and expenditures management efficiently. Generate tenants’ invoices and receipts on rent and bills due instantly by a click of button. Get timely, proper and detailed rental collection reports, expenditures, billed reports and net income on monthly and annual reports from individual house or the entire property. Use any platform; desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to access your system.


Benefits of the System

  • Centrally stored records with a zero redundancy
  • Complete automation of services
  • Cost-effective one point solution for multiple branches
  • Easy digital tracking of old data and records
  • Total reduction of workload
  • Ensures smooth running of activities
  • Helps reduce huge and manual filing system
  • It improves your customer experience
  • Use any device; smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Create a tech savy image for your company/apartments