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Custom Software Development

There are countless challenges that stand in the way of a business operating at its most efficient and effective capacity. Our passion is tackling those challenges with intelligent, scalable custom software development business applications. 

Honsoft Technology Centre Ltd is a center of software development. We build custom software that is scalable, secure & flexible using the right technology for your business. There is need for large companies, small and medium based businesses to use the custom software for critical functions in their businesses, including content management, sales, accounting, inventory management, customer management, human resource management, payroll and more.

software development process

Why Software?

minimize documents

Minimize your paper work. All your documents, files and reports can be accessed from a centralized database system. And so you don't have to store a pile of files.

Track Records

Track and manage all your records with ease. Trace payments, print quotations, invoices,receipts, employee records, payslips, statements e.t.c when necessary and where applicable.

automate tasks

Automate tasks for a smooth flow of services and tasks. Automation reduces risk and improves performance and business functioning.


Secure your data by accessing it through authenticated users only. Save to the cloud to access your data from anywhere using any of your device. Avoid the pain of losing your important files and data.

Our Approach/Process


The customer provides us with detailed project-related information, gathered from supporting documents, user, system and requirements specifications. We study existing systems, create questionnaires, or conduct interviews with users. 


After gathering all the  requirements, we define and analyze the requirements from the requirements document, project plan, use cases and requirements traceability.  We then set the correct time schedule for various deliverables.


In this stage, our software developers will design the application based on the   requirements, use cases and the scope of the project agreed upon in the previous stage. This design case will be used on development and implementation stage.


Once the system design documents are received, programmers can convert the design into code. Of all the software development processes and procedures, this phase is the most time-consuming.
It can take even more time if there are more revisions and the customer doesn’t take our suggestions.

Testing & Integration

Once the code is developed, you need to see if the product is working as intended. During the testing phase, quality analysts test the software for bugs and glitches. The product first undergoes beta testing. In this part of the deployment, the development team hopes to catch more bugs that they can fix before the product is fully deployed.


The final step in the long list of software development processes and procedures is operations and maintenance. Once the software product is designed, tested, and deployed, you’ll need to attend to issues brought up by your customers or staff. We will form a maintenance team that will continue to provide support to you.

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