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Microfinance ERP

Our Microfinance ERP is a system solution for microfinance companies, that can also be customized for Saccos and Banks. The system automates all processes from customer registration, loan application, loan approval, disbursement up to loan repayment. Integrate all your branches and switch to any branch for more reports and analysis.  

Integrates with the Bulk SMS Platform to allow seamless SMS notifications and reminders to customers on loans due, arrears  and other important notifications. The system can also be integrated with the MPESA system to automate payment processes from customer to business (C2B) in real time. Get a number of useful reports that will enable you manage your business more effectively. The data can be exported to Excel, CSV or PDF for further analysis.

Key Features

  • Registration of customers
  • Uploading of customer documents (Passport Photo, National ID, e.t.c)
  • Management of customer data
  • Customer Profile (loans portfolio)
  • Registration of Loan Officers,  Branch Managers and Regional Managers
  • Management of Loan Officer and Managers data
  • Loan Officer and Manager/Branch portfolio
  • Loan application, approval and disbursement
  • Penalizing overdue/delay loan repayments
  • Arrears and defaulted loans reports
  • Expenses management
  • HR & Payroll
  • Chat box functionality
  • Data exporting (Excel, CSV and PDF)
  • Branch switch functionality
  • Officer Dashboard
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Head Office Dashboard
  • HR Dashboard
  • Automated SMS notifications to customers
  • Control Matrix
  • Cash Cycle Tracking 
  • Targets Management
  • System Reports.

Usefulness of the System

  • Complete automation and digitization of all records
  • Centrally stored records with a zero redunduncy
  • Cost-effective one point solution
  • Easy digital tracking of data and payment process
  • Total reduction of workload
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Ensures smooth running of business
  • Increased trust between customers and the company.
  • Create a tech savvy image for your company

Digitize your Business

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