We are a web and software development agency based in Nairobi Kenya that provides cutting edge solutions for Schools, Colleges, Organizations, SMEs and Corporate Companies. We pride in providing ultimate solutions that help solve challenges on various businesses, improving productivity, marketability and streaming of service delivery within an organization with the ever changing dynamic society.


Web Design

Honsoft Technology Centre understands your online presence is the fore front of communicating with your online audience. We create and develop awesome, outstanding websites for all businesses with a key focus on latest technologies. Responsive designs that work with any screen size device for all users.

Software Development

We develop cutting edge software for your business that help solve various real world challenges, improve service delivery and reduce effort and extremely cut down costs on various tasks. Management Systems for Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Real Estates, Sacco,  Agricultural Farms, among others.

Digital Production

We create quite interactive, streaming high definition 2D and 3D video motion graphics for your organization, company,  small or medium based business using imaging technology and animations. Creating awesome digital media for web, Tv, print and online marketing is what our media team do in passion.

IT Infrastructural Set Up

We help you set up your IT Infrastructure quickly for an efficient, effective and continuous service delivery. Setting up work stations, creating and implementing of Point to Point Network, LAN and Wireless Set Up, Hardware and Software Installation, IT Support, Training & Consultation, just to mention is what we can provide you.


Honsoft iBiz

A complete Business Enterprise Solution that enables you manage and monitor your business progress, manage your inventory records, sell products and generate receipts, quotations and invoices, create an online shop, check your daily, monthly and annual sales reports, expenditure and net profit.

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Honsoft iSMS

A complete school ERP software for lower learning institutions that enables easy management and keeping of records, generation of reports, fee payment receipts and statements, staff pay slips, attendance management among other tasks all through a centralized database system.

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Honsoft iCampus

A complete Integrated Student Information Management System, E-Learning Portal and an Online Application for Admission System. Solution developed for higher and middle level learning institutions in providing a central platform to a faster, cheaper, easier and efficient access to services and tasks through their devices.

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