Integrated Campus Portal (iCampus)

iCampus portal is a complete Student Information Management System integrated with the E-Learning Portal and an Online Application System. A complete solution for higher learning and middle level institutions. Students are able to access to services with any device, anytime and anywhere by just connecting to the internet. We provide a centralized database system for one login all services. The Software enables institutions provide a centralized platform for easy, faster and convenient access to services and tasks by students and staff from their various devices.  Experience the convenience of our E-Learning Portal, a solution for modern digital learning.

System Features

  • - Online Admission Application
  • - Online Hostel Room Booking
  • - Online Course Units Registration
  • - Online Fee Balance & Statement
  • - Online Provisional Examination Transcript
  • - Online Campus Noticeboard
  • - Online Campus Messaging System
  • - Online Students Voting System
  • - Distance/E-Learning Learning Portal

We provide hosting service and provide a custom link to your system or host the system at your existing server and fully customize to your requirement specifications.  Integration with your existing or new database can be done by our experts. You choose full package  or  select the modules that you may only require. Everything set up by our technical team with provision of necessary support from deployment, integration, user usage up to maintenance.

We provide for colleges, universities and technical institutes. Easy to integrate with your existing database or new database. Works with open-source Apache HTTP web server software for modern operating systems including Unix, Linux and Windows Server.

Experience the convenience of our iCampus Portal System.